This was intended to be a “Top 10″ list, but it just couldn’t be done!  Please take a look below at 15 things students may want to consider when comparing ScoreItUp to other forms of LSAT preparation.

1. Guaranteed Instructor + No Middlemen = Superior Quality.

The most important part of a LSAT Prep course (like any other college-level course) is the instructor teaching it.  An instructor’s ability to explain complex material in a way that makes it easy for students to understand and apply is critical to success on the LSAT.  All ScoreItUp students get a written, money-back guarantee that Mark Sacks will teach all live and/or video course lessons. Please see Course Information, Course Content, and Course Comparison for more details, and see The Instructor for more information on Mark’s teaching experience and qualifications. ScoreItUp students will not get a part-time student instructor, or an instructor who may (1) have no law school degree, (2) have never taught college or University courses, (3) have no reviewable student evaluations, and/or (4) have minimal LSAT Prep teaching experience.

2. Instructor = Company’s Owner And Founder.

ScoreItUp is the classic example of a local business that is able to offer a superior product, greater attention to detail, and better prices by “cutting out the middleman.”  Because ScoreItUp courses are guaranteed to be taught directly by the company’s owner and founder, students know that their instructor has a vested personal interest in (1) their success on both the LSAT and their law school applications, and (2) the quality of their LSAT Prep course and experience. That level of commitment is unlikely to be matched by a part-time or student instructor. ScoreItUp combines the best of an exceptional LSAT Prep course with the personal commitment of a highly experienced LSAT Prep coach who has proven results!

3. Unmatched Hours and Value.

ScoreItUp offers significantly more hours of live instruction than its competitors – and it does not try fooling students by sneaking “online” hours into the total advertised number of live course hours. All advertised hours of ScoreItUp’s live courses are…well…live! By cutting out all of the “middlemen,” ScoreItUp also offers an excellent value for your money. The 124-hour live full-length “180″ LSAT Prep course (100 hours of live instruction and 24 proctored exam hours) for $1,199 costs less than $10 per classroom hour. ScoreItUp’s shorter courses and online video course (beginning at $499) offer similar exceptional values. Finally, ScoreItUp also makes the process of repeating a course simple, by allowing students to repeat all the live lessons and mock exams for only $399.

4. LSAT Prep Made Fun…And Personable!

ScoreItUp LSAT Prep courses are not just exceedingly helpful…they are fun. ScoreItUp also provides students with a personal touch to their LSAT Prep experience, allowing students to interact with Mark and other students informally during and after class. Many students really enjoy and benefit from the networking and social connections that develop, and the ability to informally discuss law school, internship opportunities, law school admission issues (personal statements, letters of recommendation, etc.), the practice of law, and the LSAT with Mark. Similarly, with ScoreItUp’s online video course, students deal directly with Mark for any questions they may have.  Whether you appreciate Mark’s lighthearted approach to teaching complex material, or choose to attend ScoreItUp’s after-class house parties and happy hours, you will thoroughly enjoy ScoreItUp’s live and/or video courses!

5. Analysis Of The Most Challenging LSAT Concepts And Questions.

ScoreItUp students learn all the basic principles and techniques necessary to succeed on the LSAT.  However, ScoreItUp courses go far beyond the basics that one may learn from national test prep companies. The greater number of live instruction hours, and ScoreItUp’s avoidance of using part-time instructors, allow Mark to spend much more time (1) analyzing the most challenging LSAT concepts, (2) explaining far more LSAT questions during course lessons, (3) dissecting both correct and incorrect answers to real LSAT questions in order to more fully appreciate the LSAT’s “tricks,” (4) working on timing issues, (5) taking and discussing full-length sections of real LSATs in class lessons, and (6) learning how to answer LSAT questions efficiently (a key part of LSAT success).

6. Independently Verifiable Student Evaluations.

ScoreItUp recognizes that the key to teaching LSAT Prep effectively is…teaching!  One can review extensive student comments about ScoreItUp´s course, as well as a complete, unedited, and independently collected set of student evaluations from Mark Sacks´ undergraduate students at UC Irvine. Students who have been out of school for awhile may also wish to review evaluations from pre-law students who graduated college several years ago.  Finally, students are sometimes unaware that certain national test prep companies publish fake student comments about their own company – in contrast, ScoreItUp has never published a fake student comment on any website.

7. Guaranteed Legal Reasoning And Legal Writing Experience.

The LSAC states that the LSAT is designed to test a student’s “legal reasoning” ability (i.e., the legal reasoning skills used in law school and the practice of law). Mark has worked extensively with these legal reasoning concepts throughout his career, including (1) having a law school education, (2) having extensive legal experience, (3) having an enormous amount of LSAT Prep teaching experience, and (4) having taught over 35 law courses to undergraduates and working professionals at UC Irvine and other top universities. No one knows more than Mark how important legal reasoning experience is when it comes to explaining and teaching the legal reasoning concepts tested on the LSAT, since Mark has taught LSAT Prep both before and after going to law school.  In contrast, even the founders of most LSAT Prep companies do not have a law school degree or formal legal reasoning training. In addition, Mark’s extensive legal writing experience is an invaluable asset with the Writing Sample, which can make the difference between law school acceptance and rejection in borderline cases.

8. Unparalleled Student Results and LSAT Scores.

The average practice LSAT score increase of ScoreItUp students is an exceptional +15 points, which can translate into a practice LSAT score improvement of well over 50 percentile! Mark also set what is believed to be a record achievement by personally coaching two students to a perfect 180 LSAT score in one year (and that came from teaching only 3 courses a year, exclusively in Orange County). Student results obviously will vary, and no one can guarantee how any individual student will perform on the LSAT.  However, there are good reasons why ScoreItUp students may see much better results than those who self-study or rely on other forms of LSAT Prep.

9. Law School Admission Advice.

Mark has had extensive discussions with admission committee members at law schools throughout the nation (e.g., Harvard, UC Berkeley (Boalt), UCLA, UCI, Pepperdine, Chapman, etc.) about what they seek in law school applicants and what types of pre-law experience truly matters. Mark also is an advisory committee member to the admission committee at Harvard University. Personal statements…letters of recommendation…helpful information about local internships…the so-called “soft factors”… a discussion of all of these topics is included in ScoreItUp’s live courses for FREE! Students in ScoreItUp’s live and video courses also have the option of getting more specifically tailored advice through personal tutoring (in person or telephonically) with Mark.
10. Extensive Online Resources.

ScoreItUp provides extensive online information, available to students in its live courses and its 24/7 online video course, including (1) step-by-step explanations for answering the different types of LSAT questions and attacking each section of the LSAT effectively and efficiently, (2) detailed analysis of major LSAT topics (e.g., Formal Logic, Cause and Effect, etc.), (3) extensive explanations of every question on numerous LSAT exams, (4) precise explanations of over 1000 real LSAT questions, including complete setups and detailed answers to Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) questions, and (5) quizzes and extensive examples (using real LSAT questions) that reinforce key LSAT concepts. ScoreItUp’s online resources are carefully synthesized to supplement and amplify the content of its live and video lessons.

11. “War Stories.”

ScoreItUp believes strongly in making the learning process a fun and entertaining one. Mark’s lessons always include past “war stories” from his extensive experience as a civil litigator and criminal prosecutor. These stories amplify the lessons by providing students with (1) real-life examples that help illustrate and provide greater clarity of the reasoning processes used on the LSAT, (2) information about the different type of job opportunities available for lawyers, law students, and pre-law students, and (3) an entertaining and realistic look at how intriguing (and amusing) the legal profession can be. Do not let Mark complete your course without hearing about the “Dream Lover,” the “Mole,” the ‘ugly’ statute, the “sex machine,” the “kleptomaniac and pyromaniac exception,” and other amusing real-life stories involving the application of LSAT principles to the practice of law!

12. Real LSAT Questions And No LSAT Question “Scrambling.”

ScoreItUp focuses exclusively on LSAT Prep, and does not divide its attention on other standardized tests (e.g., the GRE or SAT). ScoreItUp also (1) uses only real LSAT questions and exams for all of its homework, classroom lessons, and mock exams, (2) provides its students with hard copies of 43 LSAT exams (i.e., not just “electronic access”) in their original format, and (3) does not “scramble” LSAT questions into groups for marketing purposes. For more details on why many ScoreItUp students who scored in the top 1-2% on the LSAT say that ScoreItUp’s use of real LSAT questions in their original format (i.e., not “scrambled”) was one of the most important things that separates ScoreItUp from other forms of LSAT Prep, please email Mark at

13. “Boot Camp” Lessons.

ScoreItUp’s live courses typically include a couple all day weekend lessons. These lessons tend to be much more fun and enjoyable than most students expect, allow students to bond with each other and with Mark during lunch breaks, and significantly help improve the mental stamina necessary to succeed on the LSAT. By the time students are done taking a couple of these 8-hour weekend lessons, sitting through a half-day LSAT will feel like a piece of cake!

14. “Matching” Higher Score Guarantees.

“Higher score guarantees” offered by some companies tend to be advertising gimmicks that pay off only when a student experiences failure. Fortunately, ScoreItUp is unaware of any of its students who has ever failed in a manner that would have allowed recovery under the terms of these companies’ “guarantees.” Nevertheless, if you find a “higher score guarantee” that you believe offers a better overall deal than ScoreItUp, ScoreItUp will likely match it. Please contact Mark for more details.

15. No Advertising Gimmicks.

ScoreItUp has earned the right (1) to boast about its students’ impressive LSAT score improvement, (2) to make straightforward claims about the quality and significant advantages of its courses over its competitors and self-study, and (3) to post extensive real student comments. ScoreItUp avoids advertising gimmicks, cuts out the “middleman,” and offers students a series of substantive, tangible benefits: more instruction hours, lower prices, and a guaranteed instructor with meaningful teaching credentials and proven results that inspire confidence!