1. Guaranteed Instructor + No Middlemen = Superior Quality + Lower Price.

By eliminating several layers of middlemen, ScoreItUp offers unmatched value in LSAT Prep classes: live courses ranging from 52-124 hours, a 24/7 online video course consisting of over 275 mini-lessons and an analysis of over 400 real LSAT questions, a guaranteed and proven instructor who knows how to help you improve accuracy and speed, and prices ranging from $599 – $1199 (with early-enrollment discounts). See Course Information, Course Content, and Course Comparison for more details!
2. Your course is guaranteed to be taught by the company’s owner and founder.

The single most important component of a LSAT prep class, by far, is the quality of the instructor. ScoreItUp provides all of its students with a written, money-back guarantee that Mark Sacks, the founder of ScoreItUp, will teach every single lesson. Students therefore can be assured that Mark will be highly motivated to see them succeed, and that their instruction will be clear, consistent and cohesive – and most importantly, very effective!
3. Reviewable Student Comments.

ScoreItUp recognizes that the key to teaching LSAT Prep is…teaching. As a result, not only can one review student comments about ScoreItUp´s course, one also can review a complete, unedited, and independently collected and maintained set of student comments from Mark Sacks´ undergraduate students at UCI. ScoreItUp does this because students are sometimes unaware that certain test prep companies are notorious for publishing fake student comments about their own company. In contrast, all of the student comments about ScoreItUp are real, and there has never been a fake student comment published by ScoreItUp on any website.
4. Extensive Online Resources.

ScoreItUp provides extensive online information, available to students in its live courses and its 24/7 online video course, including (1) step-by-step explanations for answering the different types of LSAT questions, (2) detailed analysis of major LSAT topics (e.g., Formal Logic, Cause and Effect, etc.), (3) extensive explanations of every question on numerous LSAT exams, (4) precise explanations of over 1000 real LSAT questions, including complete setups and detailed answers to Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) questions, and (5) quizzes and extensive examples (using real LSAT questions) that reinforce key LSAT concepts.
5. Guaranteed Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing Experience.

The LSAT tests a student’s legal reasoning ability. Incredibly, ScoreItUp is the only LSAT Prep company (to our knowledge) that assures students that its instructor will have a law school degree and extensive legal experience!  Mark knows how useful a solid legal education and legal reasoning experience are to helping an instructor explain the legal reasoning concepts underlying LSAT questions, since he taught LSAT Prep both before and after going to Harvard Law School and practicing and teaching law. In addition, Mark’s extensive legal writing experience is an invaluable asset in assisting you with your Writing Sample, a copy of which is sent to every law school to which you apply.
6. 100% focus on LSAT Prep.

ScoreItUp focuses solely upon LSAT Prep courses. ScoreItUp does not prioritize other standardized tests such as the SAT or GRE. By focusing solely upon LSAT Prep courses, ScoreItUp maximizes its ability to provide students with the best LSAT instruction available.
7.  $199 Repeat Courses and “Matching” Higher Score Guarantee.

ScoreItUp makes the process of repeating a course simple. Students in ScoreItUp’s live courses may attend all of the live lessons and mock exams of a future, equal-length ScoreItUp course within one year for a mere $199. Alternatively, students can take advantage of ScoreItUps “matching” higher score guarantee – please go to “Course Content (Unique Features)” or contact Mark for details.
8. Real LSAT Questions.

ScoreItUp provides its students with actual physical copies of LSAT exams (i.e., not just “electronic access”), and uses only real LSAT questions and exams for all of its homework, classroom lessons, and mock exams. In addition, ScoreItUp does not “scramble” the LSAT questions and thereby dilute their usefulness. Instead, ScoreItUp places substantial emphasis on allowing its students to applying test-taking strategies to LSAT exams in their original format, thereby enabling students to maximize the opportunity to simulate actual LSAT test taking conditions and to focus on the critical timing aspect of the exam.
9. Law School Admission Advice and Counseling.

Mark Sacks has had numerous discussions with faculty, students, and past and present members of admission committees at numerous law schools about what they seek in future law students. In addition, Mark is an advisory committee member to the admission committee at Harvard University.  Learn how to put together an effective law school application, present your “soft factors” in a powerful way to law school admission committees, find local law internship opportunities, and recognize the significant differences between the very different types of legal professions. A discussion of all of these topics is included in all of ScoreItUp’s live courses and is unique to ScoreItUp.  In addition, students routinely ask Mark questions during breaks, lunches, etc. about their own specific personal situations – all for FREE!
10. No Advertising Gimmicks.

ScoreItUp has earned the right (1) to boast about its students’ impressive LSAT score improvement, (2) to make straightforward claims about the quality and significant advantages of its courses, and (3) to post extensive real student comments. ScoreItUp avoids advertising gimmicks, cuts out the “middleman,” and offer students substantive, tangible benefits:  more instruction hours, lower prices, and a guaranteed instructor with meaningful teaching credentials and proven results that students can review and evaluate!