Proprietary Agreement

Student understands that the videos contained on this website, and their contents, are proprietary in nature and contain information that is not to be copied, loaned, sold, given away, showed, or in any way transferred or provided to any other person for any purpose whatsoever. The proprietary rights of these videos include not only the physical videos, but their contents and the information maintained in them. Student understands that ScoreItUp LLC (“ScoreItUp”) is providing him or her access to these videos and their contents in exchange for Student’s agreeing to the terms contained within this Agreement, and Student expressly agrees that he or she is using these videos and their contents solely and exclusively for the purpose of assisting him or her in his or her individual preparation for taking the official LSAT exam for the purpose of attending law school. Student further understands and agrees that any other use of these videos or of their contents, without the express written permission of ScoreItUp, is prohibited, and that ScoreItUp will pursue its rights against anyone using these videos or their contents, or permitting or enabling another person’s use of these videos or their contents, to the maximum extent permitted by law. Student further represents and expressly agrees that he or she is not using, and will not use in the future, these videos or their contents or permit anyone else to use these videos or their contents for the purpose of providing or assisting with any type of LSAT preparation business. Student further understands that laws protecting intellectual property rights may extend above and beyond the terms of any contract entered into between ScoreItUp and Student. Student understands that the password being provided to Student is for Student’s use only, and providing Student’s password to any other person and thereby enabling such person to access the videos contained herein is a violation of the terms of this agreement and also may constitute a violation of ScoreItUp’s proprietary rights. By using the provided password and entering this section, Student expressly represents that he or she has read the terms of this agreement and agrees to fully abide by them.

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