Mark Sacks

Mark Sacks

Intelligent pre-law students know that the most important factor affecting the quality (and enjoyment) of any University course is the instructor teaching it. LSAT Prep courses run longer than college courses, making a student’s choice of LSAT Prep instructors even more critical.

For this reason, and in stark contrast to the industry norm, ScoreItUp does not use part-time or student instructors with questionable teaching credentials and motivation, or instructors lacking formal training in the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT.  All ScoreItUp lessons are guaranteed in writing to be taught by Mark. See Student Comments and for extensive student reviews.

Mark’s teaching style is designed to provide exceptionally clear and precise LSAT Prep instruction in an entertaining and lighthearted atmosphere that encourages students to succeed.  Mark has taught LSAT Prep to thousands of students, graduated from Harvard Law School, taught over 35 law courses, and devoted his professional life to working with the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT.  Students are welcome to review a more complete list of Mark’s teaching credentials here.

ScoreItUp students have earned huge scholarships and gained acceptance into the nation’s top law schools (including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley (Boalt), Penn, Virginia, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, UCLA, USC, UCI, etc.). In addition, Mark achieved a world record for coaching students to perfect 180 LSAT scores, and his students have seen an impressive 15-point average practice LSAT score increase.   

ScoreItUp lessons also routinely include amusing stories from Mark’s work as a criminal prosecutor, civil litigator and former law school student – everything from wild summer associate antics to the most bizarre criminal cases.  The stories reinforce LSAT Prep concepts, keep things lively and fun, and give students a taste of lawyers’ lives.  Why not enjoy the added benefit of learning more about the work that lawyers do in different legal professions while preparing for the LSAT?!

Please feel free to view samples of Mark’s teaching, click the links below for more information about Mark, and check out the Top 15 benefits ScoreItUp provides over other forms of LSAT Prep!