Mark Sacks

Mark Sacks

My name is Mark Sacks, and I am the owner of ScoreItUp.  I vividly recall being in your shoes, preparing to take the LSAT on my way to going to law school.  I also remember the stressful feeling on the morning of the LSAT: realizing that the results of this half-day exam were more important than my entire cumulative gpa, which had taken four years of time to develop.

Fortunately, things went well and I scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT the first time I took it. That enabled me to get into the nation’s top law schools, and ultimately graduate from Harvard Law School.  However, the process could have been much easier for me (and a lot more fun!) with a better LSAT Prep course and a more effective instructor. If an option like ScoreItUp existed at the time, I was not aware of it.

Intelligent pre-law students know that the most important factor affecting the quality (and enjoyment) of any course is the instructor teaching it. For this reason, and in stark contrast to the industry norm, I provide a written guarantee that all ScoreItUp lessons are taught by me.  I do not use part-time or student instructors who may lack quality training and teaching experience in the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts, or who have questionable motivation levels.

As a high school Valedictorian and summa cum laude college graduate, I have been tutoring students throughout my life. Teaching has been my lifelong passion and continues to be to this day. I began teaching LSAT Prep for a national test prep company before graduating from law school, and have taught thousands of additional LSAT Prep students since forming ScoreItUp in 2008.

In addition, I have taught well over 35 University law courses, primarily at UC Irvine, including developing and teaching UCI’s “Legal Reasoning and the Law” course. That undergraduate course applies the legal reasoning concepts tested on the LSAT to the analysis of judicial opinions in landmark U.S. cases.

My entire professional life has been devoted to teaching and working with the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts. A more detailed description of my LSAT Prep teaching credentials, my training in the LSAT’s legal reasoning skills, and the structure of my LSAT Prep course lessons, are provided in the links at the bottom of this page.

ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep lessons are designed to provide exceptionally clear, precise and thorough instruction in an entertaining and lighthearted atmosphere that encourages students to succeed.  I believe that is where my strength as a teacher lies, and the most helpful, engaging and fun way for students to master the LSAT.  The courses also include ScoreItUp’s massive online database, which is specifically designed to complement and flow seamlessly with my course lessons.

Please visit Top 15 to see 15 key benefits of my ScoreItUp courses, and Student Comments or to see extensive student reviews.  For more details on ScoreItUp, and the amazing results of ScoreItUp students, please see About SIU.

Finally, you are welcome to view course options, or email any questions directly to me at  If you are ready to join me in one of ScoreItUp’s live or online video courses, I would be thrilled to work with you – please email me or begin enrolling here. 

Let’s have fun taking down the LSAT together…it would be a privilege for me to help you dramatically increase your LSAT score, bring this challenging exam to its knees, turn you into another ScoreItUp success story, and get you into that dream law school of yours!