How do I enroll?

Please go to Enroll Today! to learn about ScoreItUp’s simple enrollment process, or contact Mark at You can enroll entirely online or by mail. The process simply requires you to sign ScoreItUp LLC’s basic agreement (which can be downloaded or mailed to you), or email your confirmation of the agreement. You can pay by check (ScoreItUp’s preferred method of payment), or enroll entirely online with a credit card or PayPal account. Payment plans can be arranged, if necessary.

How is ScoreItUp able to offer more and charge less? 

That’s an easy one! By refusing to use part-time student instructors to teach (many of whom have not graduated from law school and have no teaching experience), ScoreItUp cuts out the middleman. ScoreItUp is able to offer more instruction hours, superior quality, and lower prices by avoiding spending your money to recruit, hire, train, replace, re-recruit, re-hire, and re-train these hourly instructors. Those savings are passed directly back to you in the form of better prices and more substantive instruction.  At ScoreItUp, the business plan is a simple one: Guaranteed Instructor + No Middlemen = Superior Quality + Lower Price!

Where can I get more information about ScoreItUp’s courses?

ScoreItUp’s 24/7 online video class is available anytime and anywhere, from the comfort of your own home!  ScoreItUp’s live classes are offered year-round (Spring, Summer and Fall) in Orange County (at or near Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa in the Fall and Spring, and on UC Irvine’s campus during the summer!).  You can go to Course Schedules to find the dates and times of ScoreItUp live classes. Please go to Course Information and Course Content for a detailed description of the content and prices of ScoreItUp’s online video and live classes, and the variety of options offered.

Which length course should I take?

If you are taking a live course, the primary difference between ScoreItUp’s full-length “180”, full-length “plus” and its full-length courses is the number of different questions in which ScoreItUp’s strategies will be applied, and the depth in which LSAT questions can be analyzed.  Similar options are available, based on the length of online access provided, for ScoreItUp’s online video course.  For more details, please go to Course Information.
What is ScoreItUp’s refund policy?

Students may receive a full refund of their live course fee if ScoreItUp receives written notice (e-mail notice is fine) of the cancellation at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the first meeting of the student’s live course (and before receiving a password for online access).
What if I have individual questions or wish individual tutoring?

Students in ScoreItUp’s live courses will have extensive opportunities to ask questions during lessons, and to e-mail questions to Mark during the course. Students in either the live or online video course can purchase additional tutoring with Mark (in person or telephonically) at a reduced rate.  Please see LSAT Tutoring for more information.

How can I compare ScoreItUp’s courses to the competition?

Please go to Course Comparison to see how ScoreItUp’s courses, instructor and prices compare to the competition as a result of “cutting out the middleman.” There will be one word to describe the difference: “WOW!”
How do I purchase additional LSATs beyond the ones already included?

ScoreItUp is an official licensee of the LSAC, and can assist students in purchasing additional LSAT exams, or students can purchase them on their own for a nominal fee. Please contact Mark at for more details.

Will I be harmed by taking ScoreItUp in addition to another preparatory course?

There clearly are better and worse ways to prepare for the LSAT.  Ideally, you should find a coach who is an excellent and very experienced teacher, has mastered the ability to teach LSAT Prep, has extensive training in the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT (including, at a minimum, a quality law school education) and in whom you have confidence. In addition, you should be sure that your LSAT Prep course focuses entirely on using real LSAT questions (many companies use some real LSAT questions but sneak in lots of fake ones to save money).  If you weren’t satisfied with your prior course, please give ScoreItUp a try – numerous students have done exactly that, and consistently state that they are very glad they did!