ScoreItUp realizes that all LSAT Prep students are not identical. Students have different time commitments, instruction needs, financial means and motivation levels. It is for that reason that ScoreItUp seeks to maximize options available for all of its students.

By cutting out all of the unnecessary and wasteful “middlemen,” ScoreItUp is able to guarantee that its founder and owner, Mark Sacks, will teach all course lessons (both live and online), and can offer all of the following at very reasonable prices:

LIVE Courses:

  • The 124-hour Full Length “180″ live course, offering more combined live lesson hours (100) and proctored mock exams (6) — and a much better price ($1199) — than its competition.*
  • The 104-hour Full Length “plus” live course, which also offers more combined live lesson hours (84) and proctored mock exams (5) – and a much better price ($1099) – than the competition…and has numerous different scheduling options from which to choose.*
  • The 84-hour Full Length live course, offering more live lesson hours (68) and mock exams (4) – and a better price ($999) – than comparable courses offered by ScoreItUp’s competitors.*

ONLINE and ‘HYBRID’ Courses

  • The full-length, 24/7 online video course, offering 22 full lessons that include over 275 “mini-lessons” and detailed analysis of over 400 real LSAT questions ($599)
  • The option of adding two hours of personal tutoring with Mark Sacks (in-person or telephonic) to the 24/7 online video course for the discounted price of $50/hour ($699 total).
  • The hybrid courses, that combine a live course with the 24/7 online video course, and maximizes flexibility for students who wish to take a live course but who also want the flexibility and advantages of the online video course ($1,199-1399 – contact Mark for details!).

All of the above courses are extremely thorough, complete and detailed. All of the key techniques and strategies for mastering the LSAT are carefully explained in each of the live and online courses, and every single lesson and lesson plan is guaranteed to be taught by Mark Sacks.

In addition, during lessons, homework assignments and “mock” LSAT exams, students will have extensive opportunities to apply the concepts being taught to real LSAT questions taken exclusively from official, previously administered LSAT exams. The course lessons address and explain the various question types and analyze an extensive amount of real LSAT questions in class. Students are assured that everything from the basics to the most challenging questions and concepts on the LSAT are thoroughly analyzed in all three courses.

Students also will have full access to ScoreItUp’s confidential and proprietary online database, including detailed outlines, quizzes, and its extensive step-by-step answers and explanations to official LSAT exams.

Regardless of which course one chooses, ScoreItUp’s students will be treated to a rigorous, challenging and very dynamic LSAT Prep course that has led to very dramatic LSAT score improvements for its students!

* See Course Information for more details about ScoreItUp’s prices and the basic components of each of these courses.



The basic fundamentals of all of ScoreItUp’s courses are taught during the intiial “core” lessons. The basic fundamentals are the same in all of ScoreItUp’s live courses and its 24/7 online video course. During these initial instructional lessons, the various test strategies and concepts needed to succeed on the LSAT are explained in detail.

These concepts include, but are not limited to, contrapositives, cause and effect, analogies, parallel reasoning, percentages vs. numbers, formal logic, causation vs. correlation, and resolving the conflict problems. In addition, “weakens,” “strengthens,” “justify the principle,” “flawed reasoning,” and “assumptions” questions are analyzed and thoroughly explained by Mark in detail.

In addition, a very heavy emphasis is placed upon applying these techniques to recent and real LSAT questions. Everything from the basic concepts to the most challenging LSAT question types are thoroughly analyzed during these “core” lessons. A step-by-step set of instructions for successfully attacking each type of LSAT question on the exam is provided and explained in detail.

The basic fundamental lessons taught by Mark also are devoted to explaining the proven and tested methods used by ScoreItUp to (1) prepare useful “setups” and answer the various types of logic games (analytical reasoning) questions, (2) deconstruct and analyze logical reasoning questions, (3) break down and effectively understand complex reading comprehension passages, and answer questions pertaining to those passages quickly and effectively, and (4) recognize the common tricks and patterns of wrong answers used on the LSAT, and how to spot and eliminate those incorrect answer choices.

All graded sections of the LSAT are covered in detail by Mark during these lessons. However, because many students find logic games (analytical reasoning) questions particularly challenging, and because there are approximately twice as many logical reasoning questions as either of the other two sections, extra emphasis is placed on both of these types of questions.

Finally, there are four-six Mock Exams in ScoreItUp’s courses. Each mock exam uses real LSAT exams and is given with a live proctor (in the LIVE courses) or taken at home (in the 24/7 ONLINE VIDEO course) under timed conditions designed to simulate the actual LSAT.

COURSE CONTENT (Unique Features)

Analysis of Challenging Concepts and LSAT Questions

By guaranteeing that its owner and founder, Mark Sacks, will teach all live and online lessons, ScoreItUp students are assured that everything from the basics to the most difficult LSAT concepts and questions will be thoroughly analyzed. The significance of not using part-time instructors cannot be emphasized enough!

Unmatched Hours and Value

ScoreItUp’s 124-hour full-length “180″ course offers 100 live lesson hours and 24 hours of proctored full-length “mock” LSAT exams (6 tests) for an all-inclusive, early-enrollment discount price of $1199 ($11.99 per live lesson hour).

ScoreItUp’s 108-hour full-length “plus” course offers 84 live lesson hours and 24 hours of proctored full-length “mock” LSAT exams (6 tests) for an all-inclusive, early-enrollment discount price of $1099 ($13.08 per live lesson hour).

ScoreItUp’s 84-hour full-length “plus” course offers 64 live lesson hours and 20 hours of proctored full-length “mock” LSAT exams (6 tests) for an all-inclusive, early-enrollment discount price of $949 ($14.83 per live lesson hour).

By comparison, other test prep companies charge $1400-$1600 for courses offering fewer live lesson hours and taught by part-time student instructors.

A Personal Connection

By guaranteeing that Mark Sacks will teach all of its lessons, ScoreItUp also provides students with a personal touch to their LSAT Prep experience that differs dramatically from the impersonal courses offered by other test prep companies. Students have the ability to interact with Mark and other ScoreItUp students informally during lunches, breaks and after-class (in ScoreItUp’s LIVE courses). Many students really enjoy these added informal and fun components of the course, the networking and social connections that develop, and the ability to informally discuss law school, the practice of law, and the LSAT with Mark.

In addition, in ScoreItUp’s 24/7 ONLINE VIDEO course, students know they will be dealing directly with Mark whenever questions may arise and/of if they choose to supplement their course with individual tutoring.

The end result is that ScoreItUp students are provided with superior quality, a lower price, and a much more personalized LSAT Prep experience!

“Matching” Higher Score Guarantee

“Higher score guarantees” offered by some companies tend to be advertising gimmicks that pay off only when a student experiences failure. Fortunately, ScoreItUp is unaware of any of its students who have ever failed in a manner that would have allowed recovery under the terms of these companies’ offers. Nevertheless, if you find a “higher score guarantee” that you believe offers a better deal than ScoreItUp, ScoreItUp will likely match it. Please contact Mark Sacks at for more details!

Admissions Counseling and “Life as a Lawyer” Discussion

All of ScoreItUp’s LIVE courses include a formal discussion (as well as numerous informal discussions) led by Mark Sacks devoted to admissions counseling, and “life as a lawyer”. Although this lesson is the only one that is not devoted to the LSAT itself, it is an extremely popular one and is unique to ScoreItUp. Students taking the 24/7 ONLINE VIDEO course may wish to use some or all of their discounted price tutoring hours to address these subjects as well.

See Top 10 Reasons (Number 9) for more information about this discussion.

“War Stories”

ScoreItUp believes that the best way to maintain students’ motivation levels is to ensure that the learning process is also an immensely fun and entertaining one. In that regard, Mark Sacks’ lessons always include past war stories from Mark’s extensive experience as an attorney.

These stories are intended to amplify the lessons by providing students with (1) real-life examples that help illustrate and provide greater clarity of the reasoning processes used on the LSAT, (2) information about the nature of local internship opportunities, and (3) an entertaining and realistic look at how intriguing (and amusing) the legal profession can be.

Do not let Mark complete your course without hearing about the “Dream Lover,” the “Mole,” the ‘ugly’ statute, the “sex machine,” the “kleptomaniac and pyromaniac exception,” and other amusing real-life stories involving the application of LSAT principles to the practice of law!

Detailed Written Answers to All Question Types

ScoreItUp supplements Mark Sacks’ lessons with detailed explanations of the answers to all of the LSAT questions (Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comp) on numerous LSAT exams. These explanations are extensive, and give students a chance to review a very detailed analysis of any questions they were unsure about on any section.

Real and Recent LSAT Questions

ScoreItUp always uses real LSAT exam questions for all lessons, mock LSAT exams, and homework assignments. In addition, ScoreItUp provides LSAT exams in their original format, allowing students to maximize their opportunities to simulate test-taking conditions in timed classroom drills, mock exams, and homework assignments.

“LSAT Boot Camp” Lessons

ScoreItUp’s live courses tpically include some all day weekend lessons. These lessons tend to be much more fun and enjoyable than most students expect, allow students to bond with each other and with Mark during lunch breaks, and significantly help improve the mental stamina necessary to succeed on the LSAT. By the time students are done taking these 8-hour lessons on some weekend days, sitting through a half-day LSAT will feel like a piece of cake!

Official LSAC Materials and “Hard Copies” of LSAT’s

ScoreItUp provides all of its students with the actual official LSAC books, including (1) the LSAC’s official SuperPrep book, (2) other official LSAC books with valuable tips, and (3) hard copies of 45 actual LSAT exams. The cost of these LSAC books (all of which are included), if purchased one one’s own, is approximately $120 plus tax.ScoreItUp’s reason for providing students with copies of these official publications is simple: if the entity administering the test (the LSAC) is providing tips and guides as to how to answer questions on its test, ScoreItUp wants its students to know about it!

By comparison, other LSAT Prep companies “cut corners” and do NOT provide their students with these books and official LSAC tips. In addition, they typically only provide “electronic access” to LSAT exams, or make their students download and print these tests (consisting of well over 1000 pages) from a student’s home printer.

As an official licensee of the LSAC, ScoreItUp can assist students in purchasing additional LSAT exams (beyond the 45 already provided), if necessary, for a modest cost.