ScoreItUp realizes that all LSAT Prep students are not identical. Students have different time commitments, instruction needs, financial means and motivation levels. It is for that reason that ScoreItUp seeks to maximize options available for all of its students.

By cutting out all of the unnecessary and wasteful “middlemen,” ScoreItUp is able to guarantee that its founder and owner, Mark Sacks, will teach all course lessons (both live and online), and can offer all of the following at very reasonable prices:

LIVE Courses:

  • The 120-hour Full Length “180” live course, offering significantly more combined live lesson hours (92) and proctored mock exams (7) – and a much better price ($1249)* – than ScoreItUp’s competitors.
  • The 100-hour Full Length “plus” live course, which also offers more combined live lesson hours (76) and proctored mock exams (6) – and a much better price ($1149)* – than ScoreItUp’s competitors.
  • The 80-hour Full Length live course, offering more live lesson hours (60) and mock exams (5) – and a much better price ($1049)* – than comparable courses offered by ScoreItUp’s competitors.
  • Note that ScoreItUp’s live LSAT Prep courses do NOT attempt to sneak in “online” hours as part of the total number of course hours offered – all live classroom hours are conducted LIVE in a classroom setting.

ONLINE and ‘HYBRID’ Courses

  • The full-length, 24/7 online video course, offering 22 full lessons that include over 275 “mini-lessons” and detailed analysis of over 400 real LSAT questions ($499-$749, depending upon the number of LSAT “cycles” a student wants).  See Course Information for more details about ScoreItUp’s 24/7 online video course.
  • The option of adding personal tutoring with Mark Sacks (in-person or telephonic) to the 24/7 online video course at discounted rates.
  • “Hybrid” courses, combining a live ScoreItUp course with the 24/7 online video course.  Adding the online video course as a supplement allows students (1) to watch “core” lessons (and many of the “workshop” lessons) on video, in case they miss any lessons, and (2) to reinforce and review live lessons by watching them again on video, which often can be quite helpful.  Students can add ScoreItUp’s 24/7 online video course as a supplement to their live course for only $199 as part of a package deal.

* ScoreItUp’s prices are “all-inclusive” (NO hidden costs).  See Course Information for more details about ScoreItUp’s prices and the basic components of each of these courses.



The basic fundamentals of all of ScoreItUp’s courses are taught during the initial “core” lessons. The basic fundamentals are the same in all of ScoreItUp’s live courses and its 24/7 online video course. During these initial instructional lessons, the various test strategies and concepts needed to succeed on the LSAT are explained in detail.

These concepts include, but are not limited to, contrapositives, cause and effect, analogies, parallel reasoning, percentages vs. numbers, formal logic, causation vs. correlation, and resolving the conflict problems. In addition, “weakens,” “strengthens,” “justify the principle,” “flawed reasoning,” and “assumptions” questions are analyzed and thoroughly explained by Mark in detail.

In addition, a very heavy emphasis is placed upon applying these techniques to real LSAT questions. Everything from the basic concepts to the most challenging LSAT question types are thoroughly analyzed during these “core” lessons. A step-by-step set of instructions for successfully attacking each type of LSAT question on the exam is provided and explained in detail.

Finally, in ScoreItUp’s live courses, there are seven (7) Mock Exams in full-length “180” courses, six (6) in full-length “plus” courses, and five (5) in full-length courses. Each mock exam uses real LSAT exams and is given with a live proctor and an in-depth analysis of each mock exam is done (a) in class and/or (b) in detailed explanations to each question available online.  Students in the 24/7 online video course can easily take proctored mock exams at home (please contact Mark for details!).

COURSE CONTENT (Unique Features)

ScoreItUp’s live, online video, and “hybrid” courses go well beyond the basics taught in other LSAT Prep courses and books.  To see a list of 15 significant benefits of ScoreItUp courses, please take a look at Top 15!