ScoreItUp For “Older” Students – Complete Set of Student Evaluations

Most of my ScoreItUp students are college students or recent college graduates. Students who have been out of college for awhile may wonder if my course is also right for them.  To help answer that question, a complete and independently verifiable set of course evaluations from students who took a LSAT Prep course with me, and who typically have been out of college for many years, is printed below. Continue reading

Why Law Schools Love (Well, Like) “Splitters”

For you statistics junkies (and any other prospective law school students), the relative frequency of “splitters” in law school is notable.  “Splitters” is a term that describes students who either (1) have a high gpa and low LSAT score, or (2) have a high LSAT score and low gpa.   Why do we see such a high frequency of “splitters” in law school?   Continue reading

LSAT/GPA Calculators and Predictors for Law School

Are you curious what LSAT score and undergraduate GPA will likely get you into certain law schools?  Whether you already have your scores/grades, or would like to plug in different numbers and options to give you a better feel for your chances of admission at different law schools throughout the country, these law school calculators can be useful as a (very) rough predictor of where you stand.   Continue reading