Why Law Schools Love (Well, Like) “Splitters”

For you statistics junkies (and any other prospective law school students), the relative frequency of “splitters” in law school is notable.  “Splitters” is a term that describes students who either (1) have a high gpa and low LSAT score, or (2) have a high LSAT score and low gpa.   Why do we see such a high frequency of “splitters” in law school?   Continue reading

LSAT/GPA Calculators and Predictors for Law School

Are you curious what LSAT score and undergraduate GPA will likely get you into certain law schools?  Whether you already have your scores/grades, or would like to plug in different numbers and options to give you a better feel for your chances of admission at different law schools throughout the country, these law school calculators can be useful as a (very) rough predictor of where you stand.   Continue reading