LSAT Prep Courses Outperform “Self Study”

The LSAC has compiled detailed studies of statistical evidence comparing results from different forms of LSAT Prep.  The data showed that use of commercial test prep courses (such as ScoreItUp LSAT Prep) led to more improvement, on average, than “self-study” or undergraduate LSAT Prep courses.

The statistical data, of course, should not be relied upon as a guarantee for every student.  Nevertheless, the findings by the LSAC are worthy of consideration. For more details on the study, and an article further analyzing the LSAC’s data on this issue, please email me at

The data also provides statistical evidence demonstrating what many in the industry have observed empirically, and consistent with common sense: training with an expert coach for the LSAT is likely to be far superior to trying to prepare for this challenging and critically important exam on your own.  Maybe you think I am a biased source (after all, I do run a LSAT Prep company!), but ask yourself a simple question: what other competitive activity are you aware of in which you would not benefit from an experienced coach with significant expertise to help you improve?

Far too often I have seen students adopt a sort of unrealistic “macho” attitude about the LSAT (“I can do it myself, I’m good enough to succeed without having to pay for help from anyone…”).  Considering the challenges involved in the exam, and the importance of every point (literally) in one’s LSAT score, I think that is deeply misguided for most students –  including students who typically are very good, average, or weaker standardized test-takers.

There obviously is a cost involved in taking a course, but the upfront expense is a tiny fraction of the value of improved law school options and massive, merit-based scholarships that often result from even small increases in one’s LSAT score.

If you have questions about the best way for you to prepare, please email me at  I’d be happy to hear from you and give you my thoughts as to what may be the best approach for you.