Today’s Economic Conditions For Lawyers

Right now, the economy and the market for lawyers has picked up substantially.  As a result, we are seeing the first uptick in law school enrollment that we have seen in many years.  The strengthened economy is good news for would-be lawyers. The fact that law school enrollment is still low by historical standards also is good news.   Continue reading

Stunning News About California Bar Results

The California Supreme Court recently stripped the California Bar examiners of their ability to determine who passes and fails the California Bar.  That may spell some relief for future lawyers seeking to pass one of the toughest Bars (in terms of passage rates) in the nation.  For more details, please take a look here!

2017 Law School Rankings

They are controversial, but law students, pre-law students, and law schools are often curious about the annual ranking of law schools by U.S. News and World Reports. As a general rule, there tends to be little movement in the top 20 law schools, but others can sometimes vary significantly.  Take a look at the 2017 rankings here!

Thought Crimes: The Cannibal Cop

If you are interested in a fascinating and true legal case (admittedly with a grotesque premise), and if you haven’t already seen it, you owe it to yourself to watch Thought Crimes:  The Case of the Cannibal Cop. Or read about it.  If ever a case demonstrated the importance of the law, and of lawyers, this one is it!   Continue reading