My name is Mark Sacks and I founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008 based upon a simple premise: effective teaching of the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts requires a lot more than just a high LSAT score. After all, the purpose of LSAT Prep is to help maximize your LSAT score!

My goals in forming ScoreItUp were to:

  • “cut out the middleman” and guarantee students that all lessons would be taught by me, and not a part-time or student instructor,
  • make LSAT Prep and the analysis of LSAT questions clear, entertaining, and easy to understand,
  • create a more thorough, consistent, and personal learning experience, leading to higher average score increases than any other form of LSAT Prep,
  • include extensive FREE training on the “soft factors” of one’s law school application (e.g., personal statements, letters of recommendation, and the LSAT’s Writing Sample), and
  • offer social and networking opportunities to meet practicing lawyers, law students and other pre-law students…and have fun!
  • See Top 15 for more details on these items, and the many other benefits of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep courses.

After working for a national LSAT Prep company, graduating from Harvard Law School, and teaching over 35 University law courses, I realized that taking a good LSAT Prep course is likely to be far superior to “self-study.”  However, it was clear to me that a student’s LSAT Prep experience could be improved significantly from what national courses can offer. I also observed that the founders of most LSAT Prep companies were entrepreneurs without training in the LSAT’s legal reasoning skills, a law school education, or University teaching experience.

So I decided to do something about it, and founded ScoreItUp 10 years ago.  I began teaching LSAT Prep before law school, and I have been working with the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts my entire professional career. Teaching has been my lifelong passion: candidly, I believe I can offer you more clear and useful LSAT Prep instruction, more relevant LSAT Prep teaching experience and expertise, and a more fun learning environment than you will find anywhere. (See The Instructor for more details.)

The unparalleled results of ScoreItUp students include (1) setting a world record for student 180 LSAT scores (within four years of ScoreItUp opening its doors), (2) an outstanding 15-point average practice LSAT score increase, (3) full-tuition scholarships to “Top 20” and local law schools, and (4) admission into the nation’s top law schools, including but not limited to Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley (Boalt), Penn, Virginia, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, UCLA, USC, and UCI.

Please read the excellent and independently verifiable reviews from my students in Student Comments and on yelp.com.

My live (in-person) and online courses provide all the fundamental training provided by the best corporate LSAT Prep companies, but go far beyond that. As just one example, in ScoreItUp’s live courses you will receive more classroom hours than with any competitor (be sure to read the fine print, some companies include “online hours” in their calculations!). If you seek an online course only, a useful comparison of ScoreItUp’s video course to others can be seen in this blog.

Finally, I also make sure to take care of little details that can have a dramatic impact on your LSAT Prep experience: live class lessons are taught in an excellent, ultra-convenient, quiet, well-lit facility with comfortable chairs, large whiteboards, a comfortable room temperature, and FREE parking.

Live courses with me are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall in Orange County, California. (I use the Winter quarter to update and enhance ScoreItUp courses annually.)  My highly convenient online video course, and 1-on-1 tutoring, are offered year-round and worldwide.

You are welcome to enroll online, or contact me directly with any questions at mark@scoreitup.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this – it would be a privilege to work together with you and turn you into another ScoreItUp success story!