Mark Sacks founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008 after teaching LSAT Prep for a national test prep company, graduating from Harvard Law School, and teaching over 35 University law courses.  From its inception, Mark strived to make LSAT Prep more effective, easier to understand, more fun, and an excellent value by cutting out the middleman.

All ScoreItUp lessons are guaranteed to be taught by Mark.  ScoreItUp never uses part-time or inexperienced student instructors.  In addition, ScoreItUp never relies on instructors or company founders who lack a law school education and extensive University-level teaching experience, or who have not received formal training in the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT.

After all, teaching LSAT Prep effectively requires much more than just a high LSAT score – what truly matters is helping students maximize their LSAT score!  You are unlikely to find an instructor anywhere with more relevant LSAT Prep teaching experience and expertise than Mark. (See Mark’s teaching credentials here.)

Independently verifiable student evaluations of ScoreItUp can be reviewed in Student Comments, and also at yelp.com.  Here is a sample:

  • The most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.”
  • “The teaching technique was phenomenal.”
  • “There is no one I would trust more than Mark when it comes to LSAT Prep.”
  • “Mark was kind and funny. Mark, simply put, was an amazing instructor.”
  • “Trust me, you will not find a better course than ScoreItUp.”
  • “Mark was ridiculously hilarious.”

ScoreItUp offers all of the fundamental LSAT Prep training provided by the best of the national test prep companies, but goes far beyond that.  Students receive more hours of live instruction (be sure to read the fine print – some companies include “online hours” in their calculations!), more proctored exams, well-integrated online resources, a much better value, and a guarantee that the course will be taught by the company’s owner.

The unparalleled results of Mark’s students speak for themselves, including (a) a world record for student 180 LSAT scores, (b) an outstanding 15-point average practice LSAT score increase, (c) full-tuition scholarships Into “Top 20” as well as local California law schools, and (d) admission into the nation’s top law schools (including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley, Penn, Virginia, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, UCLA, USC, UCI, etc.).

Live classes are offered in excellent, quiet, well-lit, air-conditioned classroom facilities with comfortable chairs and large whiteboards, and at an ultra-convenient location in Orange County, California.  Social and networking events also are always included, allowing interested students to bond with each other, get to know Mark (and vice versa!) in informal settings, and meet other practicing attorneys.  ScoreItUp’s excellent online video course and personal tutoring with Mark also are available year-round.

Please feel free to review the Top 15 benefits of ScoreItUp courses and/or watch free video samples.  For more details, please contact Mark at mark@scoreitup.com.