ScoreItUp’s 10-Year Anniversary!

The 2018 year marks the 10-year anniversary of ScoreItUp, a milestone that I am both excited and proud about. So, it seemed appropriate to write a blog briefly describing ScoreItUp’s history, and the goals I sought (and continue to seek) for LSAT Prep students.

I began teaching LSAT Prep before law school and have worked with the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts my entire professional career. Teaching has been my lifelong passion. From my own LSAT-taking and LSAT Prep teaching experience, I realized (and studies have shown) that taking a good LSAT Prep course is likely to be far superior to “self-study.”

However, I also observed that the founders of most LSAT Prep companies were entrepreneurs without training in the LSAT’s legal reasoning skills, a law school education, or University teaching experience.  It became apparent to me that the impersonal national LSAT Prep course model could be improved upon significantly. So I decided to do something about it, and founded ScoreItUp 10 years ago.

My goals in forming ScoreItUp were to:

  • “cut out the middleman” and guarantee students that all lessons would be taught by me, and not part-time or student instructors with questionable motivation levels,
  • make LSAT Prep and the analysis of LSAT questions clear, entertaining, and easy to understand,
  • create a more thorough, consistent, and personal learning experience, leading to higher average score increases than any other form of LSAT Prep,
  • include additional FREE training on the “soft factors” of your law school application (personal statements, letters of recommendation, the Writing Sample, etc.), and
  • provide extensive networking and social opportunities to meet law students, practicing lawyers, and other pre-law students.
  • See Top 15 for more details on these items, and the many other benefits of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep courses.

Candidly, I believe my courses can offer you more clear and useful LSAT Prep instruction, more relevant LSAT Prep teaching experience and expertise, and a more fun learning environment than you will find anywhere. See About SIU for more details. As always, I will be offering you several new and useful additions this year…making ScoreItUp’s 10-year anniversary particularly exciting.  Please contact me directly at with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!